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Clara Barton
Born in North Oxford Massachusetts on Christmas Day 1821 Clara Barton arrived into a large family of teachers and educators. The youngest of five children Clara learned early the importance of education, caring and self reliance. She was 10 years younger then her youngest sibling, 3 out of 4 of her brother and sisters were teachers. When her brother David was injured from a fall from the barn roof, it was Clara that nursed him at age 13 and brought him back to health. Skills she would employ later in life. More ...

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Patience Lovel Wright
A woman ahead of her time Patience Lovell Wright was born on Long Island in 1725. She moved to Bordentown at age 4 with her family. At 23 Patience married an elderly Quaker Farmer Joseph Wright. They lived at 100 Farnsworth Ave. in Bordentown City. Together they had five children; the last Sarah was born after Joseph’s death. More ...

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Susan Waters
Born in Binghamton NY May 18 1823 she died in Trenton NJ at the Quaker Nursing home July 7, 1900. Susan Waters first arrived in Bordentown in the mid 1850’s and then returned to stay in 1866. She lived on Mary Street with her husband and parents until she sold her home in 1899 to move to the nursing home.  More ...

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Bordentown- Then and Now
Throughout the web site, you will find memories of many places and people from Bordentown. This exhibit is a collection of some of our many historical sites presented in a series of comparative archive and modern photographs showing where we are and where we have been, reflecting how Bordentown has changed over the years.  More ...

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